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After a pretty near perfect day at the beach (Jacob Riis beach to be exact) – where Ezra coaxed me into the HUGE warm waves to be smashed around with him on the shore (a new game that he loves) – we went to this totally yummy spot for some fish tacos. There was a bit of a long line but it was definitely worth the wait for fresh ingredients, and a fresh coconut as our beverage. Rumor has it the owner surfs in South East Asia on the off season, and then opens this little taco hut for the summer only. Check out their fun promo movie here; http://rockawaytaco.com/.

kid backpack enjoys a ride at Jacob Riis beach

kid backpack enjoys a ride at Jacob Riis beach

photo 2

photo 4[1]

photo 3

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The kids had a great time at Bounce U’s new Trampoline Sports Center. It was hard to catch Zoe in a photo where she is NOT blurred, as she was constantly zooming around and enjoying the padded space! Who knew she liked to run so much?

splat!  Zoe and pads become one

splat! Zoe and pads become one




Ezra just hanging around

Ezra just hanging around


I'm guessing they do birthday parties here too!

I’m guessing they do birthday parties here too!

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I’ve been depressed that August is drawing to a close. I can’t believe how quickly this summer is passing – and kids are going to be in school again soon. Although honestly it’s almost better to have them in school while we work on our new house. I’m afraid they’ve seen wayyyyyy too much of Home Depot this summer.

In these last weeks we’ve been trying to see more of friends (who are now out of day camp). A little game of Twister, a trip to South Street Seaport. We went to the Imagination Playground downtown, where kids are encouraged to use giant blue foamy blocks to create something together. I wish school could be like this for the kids .. instead of books and sitting still, some time to work in teams and create something. At least we can get them to this once in awhile – while the weather is still nice.

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photo 5
Yup, even E and Z’s dad likes to dig here.

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Aside from loving books, Transformers and cars .. he now loves putting his speed boat in the lake at Central Park. He did some boat racing with grandma and grandpa a couple of birthdays ago, remember? The boy loves his boats. (Thank you Bubby for the gift!)

photo 1

photo 1[2]

photo 2[2]

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photo 4[1]

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Hey you… this is YOU during the week we first brought you home and clearly the both of us needed a lot of sleep. What a joy you’ve been – and I cannot keep up to how fast you and your sister have grown but I always remember that new puppy smell you had when you were tiny. We called you ‘our little man’ and ‘Mister Ezra’ because you always seem to be a wise soul in a little body, but now that body is catching up too. I shudder to think that you’ll soon go from being a big boy to a man, but I imagine it’s true seeing as this transition from baby to boy has gone so quickly.
Happy 8th birthday my boo bear. Here are some pictures of the teeny tiny parts of you that we took in when we first met you, to remind you of how much you’ve grown!





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This creative momma had another baby! Beautiful little August came into the world August 2nd, and we were invited to their excellent home with the lounge in the garage —

Ezra was so moved by what the rabbi said during the service. At one point he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said “mommy I’m crying a little and I don’t know why – maybe ’cause the baby is so cute?”

I think he was responding to the rabbi’s request to have the two older brothers hold their new baby and promise that they will share their toys, teach him to be safe, etc. Zoe enjoyed riding a tricycle that looked like one that I USED in the 70s! Ok basically I took these photos because Zoe actually chose to wear something that wasn’t pink, for the first time in years!
It was a lovely time.








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.. are running around enjoying their birthdays this week. All three were born within 10 days of each other, and all have known each other since they were a year old or less. I love that they still want to spend so much time hanging out together.

instagram via ina seow
Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 4.24.38 PM

Ezra, Lea and Max – about to turn, turning and already turned 8 respectively. Scary that the mustache seems to just fit on E’s face!

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