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We got to Connecticut again to see a little nature – and were pleasantly surprised to see most of the snow was gone. There was even a little bit of growth happening underfoot, and maple syrup harvesting going on up the road. We even found some keys we dropped in the snow while snowshoeing several weeks ago. This has been the longest winter it seems … and ironically we are working on the Laura Ingalls Wilder book by the same title right now. It really forces Ezra to realize how much went into surviving such a winter years ago. We are only pining for the sun while the characters in the book are literally starving for food. We will be pretty happy to see real spring and summer temps when they come.

the field where we lost - and then found (after the thaw) - some keys

the field where we lost – and then found (after the thaw) – some keys









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With teachers from Colombia and India, Zoe was really struggling to pin down ONE ethnicity that may represent herself or our family. We are kind of a hodge-podge of ethnicities – but since Purim happened so recently, Zoe really wanted to make hamentashen and carry an Israeli flag around during her ‘Rainbow Song’ for International Day. She belted out her song and ate everything that the other kids brought in – bean cakes from China, Irish soda bread and empanadas to name just a few!



Jewish and proud!

Jewish and proud!

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