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Every now and again I get the question: “is Zoe still dancing?” She is, and she loves it. She has a bunch of tutus and various outfits to wear to class – thanks to her Bubby and Grandma who supply the cutest ballet clothes to her on a regular basis. And look how much she’s grown since the last ballet post!

photo 32

photo 13

photo 23

photo 33

photo 12

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I think I already mentioned that a dear friend of mine passed a vintage Snoopy Sno Cone Machine on to the kids a few weeks ago (thanks Amelia!) They love it but this toy comes with its frustrations. One is that the shaved ice melts so quickly when you pour flavoring/juice on it… and there’s a lot of sweat and labor that goes into shaving the ice (and it yields little for all that work.) We’ve discovered that freezing juice in ice cube trays first really helps. Not only are the ice cubes a bit softer and easier to grind away at, but the juice is already right there in the ice!

And once again, here are some ways to dress up and eat snow and shaved ice. Maybe we will try to freeze cream next!







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Ahhh finally. My husband and I had a date – several hours free where we could sit at a table and talk about something other than schools, schedules, and kid stuff. We checked out The Chaiwalla Tea Room while in Connecticut. Not only is the tea amazing – but some folks at our table told us to try the famous tomato pie which was so good, I’m still fantasizing about getting all the way back there again. Maybe even with the kids in tow.

photo 2-2

photo 3-1

photo 3

photo 3

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Kids in costumes and hamantashen … I can’t get enough of either!

Queen Esther and King Mordecai

Queen Esther and King Mordecai











don't eat me!

don’t eat me!

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photo 5

Today is Ezra’s 100th Day of School – a day that is celebrated by kids making a poster of 100 things, and presenting it at school. It was kind of hysterical seeing a sea of small kids practically sailing to school this morning with their large poster boards in hand, the cold wind pushing them along. I wish I had time this a.m. to photograph Ezra’s poster of a brain bursting with 100 star stickers, his ‘one new thing learned each day’. But alas, the a.m. is too frantic and crazy for me to remember to pull out a camera.
Instead I think this photo says it all. Last week Ezra climbed to the top of the ‘spider web’ (as he calls it) in his old school. It use to terrify him to do this. He was so proud. Really – where does the time go? I know it’s such a cliche but they really do grow so fast.

And because it’s Friday and because I’m still obsessed with teepees, making things of cardboard, and having fun indoors while it’s cold – here’s our weekly list of beautiful things:

— Got a big box? Make an indoor slide.

— Turn that old dress into a teepee!

— So much beautiful wood… look at that headboard.

Paper maps of various cities.

— I love these painted floors

Amazing hats, and the studio – don’t you just want to live in there?

— Some fun photos of my old neighborhood.

An amazing discovery – nanny turned photographer who left gorgeous photos behind.

— Stylish rebels: best dressed men ever.

— This weekend is Purim! We are breaking out these costumes again and hope to try this hamentashen recipe – yum!

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The lake in Cornwall was so frozen, we could walk all the way across it. Here we are sitting on docks half way across. Some nice neighbor came along and made a bonfire and the kids made hotdogs and roasted marshmallows. Ezra even found a way to eat them without taking his gloves off.

See what the lake looks like thawed, here.










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Since hurricane Sandy cut our Feb break short, we went to Cornwall again and romped in the snow with friends. A snow fort, eating clean country snow, lots of hot chocolate and of course, more snow angels.











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Photo from kiwicrate.com

It’s been a fun but crazy week and now we’ve got an extra long weekend due to President’s Day. We hope to get to some exciting places… especially since the sun has been shining for 3 days in a row! Meanwhile here are some fun things we found this past week. Enjoy your weekend!

— Fun cold weather project for kids: winter sun catchers.

A friend passed on her Snoopy Sno Cone machine to Ezra and Zoe, and now they are obsessed with making desserts with it. We hope to try some of these snow recipes.

Dog driving cars!

— More insanely gorgeous dresses.

— Yummy vegan valentine’s day recipes.

— I totally love the whole braiding trend.

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Have you seen Baked Bree’s double heart cookies? Soooo pretty. Enjoy:

Picture 1


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This creative mamma has found something to do while baby sleeps (or doesn’t sleep?) We made a birth announcement similar to this when Ezra was born but didn’t continue it in a series, and didn’t get this clever.

Photos by Adele Enerson.
This one right here… the cheeks. They kill me.

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