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As Zoe grows, her presence (in what USE to be ‘Ezra’s room’) is becoming more and more apparent. I find it daunting to try to weed out the toys they may no longer play with — while more and more things come in during birthdays and holidays. What I love though is how well they somehow co-exist. Boy stuff co-mingling with girl stuff, and the two room inhabitants not quite noticing gender enough to care … yet.


fire truck ladders make their way into the dollhouse

fire truck ladders make their way into the dollhouse


their masterpiece hangs on the wall

their masterpiece hangs on the wall



a beach tent acts as their getaway or reading nook, or club headquarters

a beach tent acts as their getaway or reading nook, or club headquarters

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In this current cold weather we’ve been on a bit of a hot chocolate bender. While normally we love Marie Belle in Soho, we broke from our tradition and tried Vosges on spring street instead. It’s a tasty little chocolate shop with purple walls and boxes (which Zoe loved.) Sadly the store manager wanted me to stop photographing their pretty store but the eggnog truffles and hot chocolate made the trip worth it regardless. And was that pistachio dust on the whipped cream? Holy yum. Next stop probably will be Marie Belle again since their hot chocolate blows all other hot chocolate out of the water. Or we will keep making hot chocolate with coconut milk like the recipe indicated here.













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This is another photographer who I met at a portfolio review. Kat Teutsch’s interior shots are amazing – I love the palettes of the rooms in her photos. (Do you think she had some Cat In the Hat inspiration?) Those turquoise-blues with red! And don’t even get me started on her gorgeous food photography. With her permission I’ve put together some of her photos here – to brighten up the winter blas I’m feeling today. Are you getting the urge to repaint your apartment yet?

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 11.23.17 AM

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photo from seventytree blog

photo from the seventytree blog

Really could it get any colder? We are starting to go a little stir crazy indoors but honestly, it hurts to expose even a nose in this weather.

Some things to warm you:

— The perfect snowman. And some more here.

— If near a fireplace, start up the s’mores.

— Now that Zoe has had a tea party, I’m kinda craving one for big girls.

— And speaking of tea, check out these adorable tea cups.

— Stuck inside? My kids love to make a fort.

— This weekend is Tu Bishvat and we’ll be reading this book. I love the illustrations by Marc Simont.

— Speaking of trees, spare one and upcycle an old wood crib. What a great idea!

— How to do ‘little trees’ (as my kids call them) right… and quick!

— New thing I learned: Frost Flowers?

— Can you be up for this challenge of photographing your kids at least once a week? This underwater shot is the best.

— The prettiest dresses. I want them all!

— Getting excited about Valentine’s Day? I love this Valentine idea for kids.

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Our very kind aunt and uncle sent a Chanukah gift to my husband and I – a night out alone, a date. Well we couldn’t resist and we ended up using this gift towards a date that included – guess who? Ezra and Zoe and a water park – it was so fun. A nice reprieve from the cold weather – this place is heated to 84 degrees so that we could run around the halls in pajamas or bathing suits. We spent a day and a half in the wave pool, on water slides, and in hot tubs. And when dry and ‘on land’ the kids got to open various magic treasure chests and talking paintings hung on the walls of the halls and lobby with a magi-quest wand. The giant tower of woodland friends in the lobby sang kids to sleep at story time at 8 pm (and a wake up session at 10 a.m.)
It was so much fun, the kids tell me they want to live there. Thank you Uncle Shel and Aunt Diane!






Zoe's birthday pedi .. so tiny!

Zoe’s birthday pedi .. so tiny!




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Mostly in honor of her 3rd birthday, but also to celebrate some recent potty training and sleeping in her own bed: Her Majesty had a bit of brunch and tea over the weekend. Our teapot started out white, and was then decorated with stickers and washable markers. Some wands were made, and a Pinkalicious pink picnic blanket was spread for a tea party with sweet chamomile tea and tiny-hand-sized croissants. I think she now wants to make this a weekly habit. And who could blame her?

(by the way the BEST page of tea party ideas is here!)


I'm ready for some tea

I’m ready for some tea

some friends who just moved here from Cali were roped in

some friends who just moved here from Cali were roped in

the tea pot started out white..

the tea pot started out white..



so happy my brother likes Pinkalicious too!

so happy my brother likes Pinkalicious too!

and Dora, and Hello Kitty, and Minnie Mouse...

and Dora, and Hello Kitty, and Minnie Mouse…

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Well it was cold this weekend, so we made another trip back to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum where lots of MLK activities for kids were going on. It seemed impossible to NOT do something MLK oriented. What an auspicious day – with the re-election and inauguration of President Obama, coincidentally – but with great symbolism, on the same day – we couldn’t help but feel like we are living in good times. Very good and prolific times indeed.



Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 1.11.23 PM


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Instagram shot by Ben Blair.

— Oh how I want to be Betty. I need to take the kids to Paris soon.

— YUM hot chocolate made with coconut milk!

— Have you seen these fireflies in Japan?

— E and Z’s dad deserves this great new mag for dads.

— I tried to design something like this in college but it didn’t turn out nearly as great.

— Get ready for valentine’s day – send some love in a box.

My stylist friend from Martha Stewart taught me that grey and white are great in kids’ rooms (or anywhere else). Here’s a great example.

Living small is a virtue.

— More beautiful bird nests.

— Something new I learned about this week: vertical gardens.

— Can I live here please? And Ezra will take the car.

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We saw a fun show this past weekend at an abandoned Bank of Manhattan building in LIC Queens. It happened to be a very kid friendly show about money – which Ezra is newly interested in. He is learning to count money in school and just opened his own bank account so he was excited to see the vault at this new gallery show, and Zoe loved drawing dollar bills for funhundred.org! Materials for the Arts provided lots of things to craft with…










art made from scratch lotto tickets!

art made from scratch lotto tickets!




Lots of crafting materials from www.mfta.org

Lots of crafting materials from http://www.mfta.org




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Hey does anyone remember this post from last year? I don’t know that Zoe has changed much physically in this year but I do know she talks a lot and doesn’t sit as still in the same chair.

Happy Birthday Monkey! My sweet girl is already 3 – I can’t believe it.


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