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Thank you for all your calls and messages and texts. We are doing fine – in fact the sun is starting to shine here in Queens NY. We were one of the lucky families that is experiencing only some cabin fever – but luckily that’s all for now. We just have to check on our car at some point and hope it wasn’t struck by a tree limb. And maybe put off trick-or-treating by another day.

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What do you do when you have 2 days off from school and a lot of time indoors? You set up a room full of trains, play with a lot of playdoh, make pumpkin pancakes (and pumpkin cookies, roasted pumpkin seeds too!) And we generally prepped for a Halloween that may be postponed by a day. But kids don’t really seem worried about their Halloween Parade happening a day later than planned. For now Ezra keeps his solar powered charger at the ready (in his room window) in case we need it. And we carved a pumpkin with a candle handy in case the lights go out.

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This is what autumn looks like in our ‘hood. Zoe is loving the colors but I wish she would keep her coat on…although it’s been unseasonably warm so I choose my battles for now! Enjoy the weekend.

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I have to take a moment and talk about my annual October obsession … cooking with pumpkin. Or better yet, eating all things pumpkin. I made pumpkin enchiladas last year and loved them, although some of my family did not. But they did love my pumpkin cookies (recipe found here). So I guess I will stick to the sweet-instead-of-savory variety of pumpkin cooking. You really can’t go wrong with smittenkitchen’s pumpkin yumminess, because not only is Deb Perelman a phenomenal baker but she is also such a smart and funny read. No wonder she got a sweet book deal! I’m not her only fan: Martha Stewart found her blog long ago. If you are going to start packing on some pounds this season you may as well start with these amazing pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Seriously – does it get any yummier than this? And check out her index of pumpkin and squash recipes here (as well as her new BOOK here.)
Happy cooking.

shot by Deb Perelman in her kitchen – often on the same speckled counter top and always so beautiful to look at:

and those pumpkin cookies… mmmmmm – now I’m hungry again!
Photo from allrecipes.com:

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Our friends told us about this pretty town just a little outside of New York City where we could hike and – as the day wore on and the weather got warmer – we could even hit the beach! Ezra loved using his ‘walking with 2 sticks’ technique while hiking, and Zoe just had to carry a sparkly handbag into the woods (which I later discovered she had filled with acorns, twigs, bug balls and the like.) We even found a turtle making his way across our path while we crossed a stream! He hid out in his shell so well, we nearly used him as a stepping stone. When we got to the beach outside of Rye Playland we realized we had done this ‘October beaching’ thing before – see our post from last year.

The beautiful iphone photos (on the rocks, and last photo) are by Ina Seow:

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We made our way back to NYC after visiting grandparents in Rochester and – of course we can’t possibly sit still when there’s so much easy-to-get-to, affordable stuff to do around NYC. We hadn’t been to the Intrepid since I was pregnant with Zoe. The fighter planes on the top deck now had brand new meaning for Ezra (all sorts of new questions on ‘war’ came up) so thankfully there was a ‘kids section’ on a lower level of the ship that lightened things up a bit. We found a mini Intrepid built out of legos, Ezra met a new friend in an old space capsule, and we got to see what the dining halls and bunk beds were like when the ship was in battle.

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and goodbye to the cousins until Thanksgiving. BUT we haven’t had to say goodbye to the cold –

Here’s a parting photo by Uncle G:

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