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Zoe is ready for the New Year. Are you?
Have a great start to 2012!
(photo by Ezra)

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Even when it’s crowded during holiday break week, this museum is so much fun. I remember it was so much smaller when I was a kid, but now the newer renovated version never feels totally full – since it’s got so much more space. I love that they kept the Hood milk bottle at the entrance after all these years!

the best climb zone ever!playing in a tent

building things with dowels and rubber bands

finding a new skill... on a mannequin

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This is the house where I went every Christmas when I was young. My aunt’s house is very pink, and just as I last left it years ago. We retired to the basement level (another whole kitchen and huge table full of relatives that I haven’t seen in a long time) where ‘Papa’ and the kids ate for hours. I felt like E and Z got a glimpse of my childhood while eating a ton of great Italian food.

The mechanical moving dolls by the fireplace have been a part of Christmas for as long as I can remember!

My dad (aka ‘Papa’) and Ezra, in the downstairs area – where there isn’t as much pink but the holiday cheer was still abundant.

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We were lucky to get an apartment-share right in the neighborhood of Harvard. This allowed us to start Christmas morning with a walk through the campus, before heading over to my aunt’s house. We even got a little snow which made it all seem perfect. My new Chanukah-gift-hat got a few snow flakes on it before we went back indoors. And with her new (another Chanukah gift) backpack, Zoe looked ready for school!


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When I walk Ezra to school and back (10+ blocks each way) I can’t help but notice our diverse neighborhood and all its holiday glory. I thought I’d capture some of it ‘on film’ before it all goes away … all too quickly. Just a little more than a week until the New Year! Where has the time gone?

Enjoy your holiday … may it be bright and warm and full of family and fun.

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On the second night of Chanukah we received this very hip, kid-friendly way of letting little fingers play with the holiday lights! Made of acrylic by DCI and available here on amazon – it has enough glow sticks to last all 8 nights. And I LOVE the packaging with its brilliantly simple instructions, and the menorah’s overall groovy minimalist design!

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Happy Chanukah!

It’s time for making these… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Pass the apple sauce, or sour cream, or caviar, or..

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