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While in Upstate NY we went to a place where I haven’t been since college – Letchworth State Park. This is a HUGE park of water falls and drastic (almost dangerous) sudden drop-offs that make you want to keep the kids off of the low, stone walls near the edge. Back in college I had fantasies of trying to parachute off the same edge and into the watery canyon. But now I got to revisit the place with my kids and take in all the beauty on a very misty day that reminded my husband and I of photos we’ve seen of China, like this one.

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Thanksgiving Upstate

We had a great Thanksgiving in Rochester NY with grandparents, great grandmother, aunts and uncle and cousins. The food was amazing, Grampa made his incredible upside-down apple pie, and the weather was so mild that we were able to play with the dog (Kasha) outside without piling on coats. The ‘turkey centerpiece’ was a gourd decorated with color paper, pipe cleaners and pom-poms: created by ‘the cousins’ last year for the table. Add candles and Challah on Friday and we had the perfect Thanksgiving-leftover Shabbat.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

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Tickling Zoe

Well my 5 month freelance gig is up and I am back to working from home… which is delightful because I get to do this much more frequently:

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.
We leave you with more photos of our weekend in the country –

When the weather is reasonable and we need a quick brisk walk while in Cornwall, this is always an easy excursion; down the road to see and pat the animals.

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Even though the weather has been fickle (downright balmy) and barely deserving of a roaring fire, we wanted to make use of some of the dryer firewood by nightfall when it got colder. After bringing all that firewood indoors, it felt so rewarding to make S’mores. Zoe tried her first, and loved it!

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EZ weekend part 2

We had the most delicious, unseasonably warm weather on Sunday that allowed for hiking and romping through HUGE fields in Cornwall. The outdoors is really the best science class, isn’t it? We found a porcupine and dried pods on a tree, explored an old house, and Ezra and Brad even discovered an old truck on the edge of a field.

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EZ weekend

This past weekend we went to visit friends in Cornwall CT. Ezra and Zoe love to spend days with their friend Brad, explore the woods around the house, and see animals at the farm down the road. There were s’mores to be eaten, hiking to be done, firewood to take in, fallen trees to explore and even some bones to discover in the forest.

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