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Since I cannot see much in the way of foliage on the trees, I agreed to let Ezra and Zoe make their jack-o-lantern a little early. The kids loved having their hands inside the pumpkin, and we warmed up the apartment while baking the pumpkin seeds. Here’s hoping our jack-o-lantern (who somehow got named ‘Laffy’) lasts until Halloween. If not, for now it makes a nice ambient night light to stare at after dinner.


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Where is the foliage?

Try as I may, I cannot seem to find trees bursting with red, orange and yellow leaves. The city still has lush green trees, with a handful of brown or yellow leaves slowly starting to hit the ground. The temperatures did dip however – and we had to run around this weekend with coats on for the first time. I tried to force some ‘autumn feeling’ out of the weekend by letting the kids decorate and cut up the pumpkin early (I hope it doesn’t shrivel by halloween). Here are some scenes from our search for fall:

Bryant Park setting up its ice skating rink – amidst lush green trees. Me and Zoe’s feet romp in lots of green grass, with a few brown leaves.

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Well, this is really for the ‘parents’ in all of us. If this post seems like a non sequitur, I can explain. It’s a.) about kids, b.) about beautiful things/photography and c.) about the magical yet awkward transition into new parenthood. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with this photographer – Phil Toledano – before, so when I saw this honest and amazing account of welcoming his daughter into the world I was even more moved. This series takes us from his bewildered starting point of fatherhood to what he calls becoming a “blithering idiot of love”. Anthropologie (yes, the woman’s clothing line) started this inspiring website to give ‘back to those who stir our senses’ – and they were clever enough to find Phil’s hilarious and beautiful series to add to it. Put the kids to sleep so you can read all the text, and enjoy.

Click here to see the tale of Loulou.

“Even eating was completely incomprehensible. Her animal ferocity, and afterwards, the extraordinary satisfaction. She would slip into an opiate slumber, mouth agape, food dribbling down her chin. I wish eating would have the same effect on me.”
Photo and quote by Phil Toledano

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Very cool Halloween party glasses! When stacked, they reveal this crafty spider’s intentions. *Sigh* if only they came in plastic for little, slippery hands.
They’re designed by an award winning design firm from Thailand called Propaganda, but they can be ordered locally at Two B Design Store: http://www.twob-ds.com. (Or call 713-458-0137 and ask for ‘spider web glass set’ $20 for all 3.)

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Soho Saturday

E and Z got a chance to partake in a puppet workshop, after seeing a show of Eric Carle’s beloved book characters (as puppets painted with black light paint! The performance literally glowed). Since we were at the Skirball Center at NYU for the show, it was easy enough to stroll through SOHO afterwards – before the sun went down. I’m looking forward to daylight savings time for its lighter mornings, but I will miss the extended late afternoons and the pretty fall light on SOHO’s buildings.

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Lyla Tov Monsters and EzraZoe get a little mention from ohdeedoh.com! (Although there’s a little typo about our Queens neighbors being from Brooklyn? What?)
Check it out:

And of course to get a Lyla Tov monster, click here!

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After spending some time picking up leaves in the playground with our little friends Sterling and Rainer, we went over to the Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain Shop in Carroll Gardens. Our friends told us about this cute little place which is frozen in time, and renovated to capture the feeling of a 1940s/50s soda fountain shop. I was impressed that even the waitresses were dressed in 40s garb, and the penny tile floors, tin ceilings, floor-to-ceiling wood cabinets, and soda fountain counter were fabulous! Zoe and I pigged out on a pumpkin ice cream sandwich while Ezra had a scoop of mint chocolate chip in an old fashion cup. We want to go back and try the red velvet twinkies, and an egg cream of course! Check out their blog here and a little history about the place here (the ‘horoscope and weight’ machine in this link is still standing in the store today!)

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