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Restaurant shot

Another beautiful photo captured by Ezra. He took this somewhere between slurping miso soup, and the arrival of his sushi.

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Happy first day of autumn!

I already miss summer because it went by so quickly. Thank goodness my brother is getting married in Miami in November; I need one last trip to the beach. Not that it hasn’t been super muggy here in NYC this week, but it’s been rainy and gray. I do love fall however, and I cannot wait to go to Storm King or anywhere where I can romp with the kids and gaze at fall foliage at the same time. For now however the J Crew website is exciting me. Look! Lady-like bright stuff – what a great departure from the onslaught of the ‘skinny jean’ and all things denim. Does it seem like we’ve been seeing a dominance of denim for about 10 years now?
I for one am glad to see wider leg trousers creeping back.
But I diverge.
I’m putting these J Crew photos in the ‘beautiful thing’ category, to get some color in this otherwise really gray day, and to get excited about wearing a coat again.

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There are things that you think you will ‘never do’ before you become a parent. Like co-sleeping and nursing beyond 12 months, parenthood surprised me and I had a change of heart on a number of things. Once I realized that certain things worked well and added closeness to our family (especially when we are short on time, going back to work, etc.) I just stuck with what worked. Ezra’s floor bed was one of those things.

I know that visitors loved Ezra’s mattress on the floor – sitting on it was easy and fun, and it felt nest-like. Grandparents however were not so thrilled. I got the question ‘how can you put your kid on the floor?’ a number of times, and even myself wondered if I would’ve found a solution sooner if we had critters in the apartment. I thought I would never put my son on the floor, but I had a deep-seated fear that he would roll off the bed and on to the floor – and irrational fears of a concussion in the night took hold. I feebly tried on the excuse of making Ezra’s room ‘Montessori’ so that he could easily reach things, crawl out of bed on his own – but he soon got too big for that to seem necessary.

Truth be told I also couldn’t seem to find a bed frame that I liked, that didn’t cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $800. Yeah I know, ridiculous.
Finally we found this bed frame while flea-marketing. A woman anxious to unload it and not have to tote it home beckoned “it’s only $5”, and suddenly we were curious. All it needed was a fresh coat of paint, and assembly. I knew that we’d fall for an old headboard that had some character to it, and the nice thing about this frame is that it accepted an Ikea slatted bed base so that a box spring wouldn’t add unnecessary height to that bump in the night (which still hasn’t happened, thankfully).

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Henry’s sweet birthday

Henry’s parents are our dear friends Liz and Sean. It’s crazy that Henry is already 1 – where did the year go? His mom created our ketubah, and is a phenomenal pattern designer with lots of style. Here are some scenes from his adorable party. Happy First Birthday Henry!

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Repainted paintings

Sometimes when we are in Cornwall we come across yard sales or estate sales where people unload their old paintings for under $10. Often we are torn about whether or not we actually like the painting, but at this low price it’s hard to pass up a piece that’s in a nice (large) frame or – even better – an already stretched canvas that’s in good shape. This past weekend we pulled out a very-horizontal painting that – to be honest, I liked – except for a pair of cartoonish ladies that were painted in the foreground. We needed to fill an empty spot in the wall – and with that end goal in mind, we went about repainting our painting.

First, you put on your oldest pajamas that you don’t mind getting paint on. Next, you slip out to the garden and hope the kids don’t get paint everywhere.

We covered our canvas in white, and with our inspiration nearby – we almost made a Rothko replica.

We made it our own and filled a space over the television.
My husband created this ‘chocolate Pollock’ which I insisted stay over the dining table – it is just that yummy to look at.

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Found things

I am not in the habit of picking through trash, especially with the bed bug epidemic going on in NYC area. In these times (green-marketing/’upcycling‘ of everything) one does however feel an obligation to recover good, reusable things when you see something useful standing in the street – looking abandoned and well, totally salvageable. There was a night when rain was pouring down and this gorgeous orange chair was standing by bags, waiting for the garbage truck with all the other trash and recyclables. I mention that it was raining because the weather was doing most of the work for us; saturating this valuable piece of furniture with water so that it was soaked and well cleaned to its frame by the time we got it inside to dry. And sure enough – there it was; the ‘Herman Miller’ label on the bottom just like this one.

Did I mention that most Eames chairs with label in tact can start at $300 a pop?

It seems fitting that we hung this recycled painting right over it. More to come on our ‘repainted paintings‘ series .. stay tuned.

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Before and after shots of Ezra’s most recent and most desperately needed haircut. I love the barber’s photo on the mirror in the background; of the man with the pipe! What is he about?

a little scared:


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