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This little wise man is so full of interesting thoughts and words this week. I just had to share them – or write them down somewhere so that we remember them:

Re: his daydreaming -
“Mom when I’m daydreaming I imagine that I live in a tree house with Lea, and she’s my wife, and I make go karts for work.”

Re: holding his attention at school and trying to learn instead of daydream -
“I would learn more if there was some joy. If I’m not daydreaming I want to be talking about or seeing something joyful, ya know?”

(and while I was showering he used a little marker to make a ‘stache)
Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.30.04 AM

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Lots of changes where we are, and not a lot of time to blog. I have lots of photos and hope to share them all soon. End of summer fun and all..

pretty photo in the pix is by Ericka Mcconnell

pretty photo in the pix is by Ericka Mcconnell

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Hey you… this is YOU during the week we first brought you home and clearly the both of us needed a lot of sleep. What a joy you’ve been – and I cannot keep up to how fast you and your sister have grown but I always remember that new puppy smell you had when you were tiny. We called you ‘our little man’ and ‘Mister Ezra’ because you always seem to be a wise soul in a little body, but now that body is catching up too. I shudder to think that you’ll soon go from being a big boy to a man, but I imagine it’s true seeing as this transition from baby to boy has gone so quickly.
Happy 8th birthday my boo bear. Here are some pictures of the teeny tiny parts of you that we took in when we first met you, to remind you of how much you’ve grown!





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To my own mom – as well as my mother in law, sisters in law, friends and moms everywhere – have a great, indulgent Sunday. I never expected motherhood to give as much love and goodness as it has .. it just doesn’t stop, does it ladies?

Found on saipua.com

Found on saipua.com

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Papa Paul

I’ve been neglecting the blog. My father passed away – suddenly. Heartbreaking. I would cut and paste my eulogy but it doesn’t seem right yet, until after a service maybe. For now I thought I’d mention to those who don’t yet know, he’s gone – and we miss him.

photo 3

photo 2 (1)

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My dad has been unwell, and things have been stressful. I had to leave “my littles” behind in NYC and go ahead to Boston for a few days. Coincidentally an old friend lives nearby and offered me a room to stay in. Her company and her inspiring house kept my mind off of hospital stress; offering a reprieve from it all.

Efharis Alepedis is an old friend and a phenomenal jewelry designer. Her sister Betty Alepedis-Stoukides makes gorgeous paintings and leather jewelry from Greece – where she lives fulltime. And Effy curates all these amazing things in her home in such a sunny way, I had to photograph it all. I do love her ongoing collection of jewelry by new designers… so inspiring! The cut leather necklaces and paintings on the wall are Betty’s. The sea urchins and silk worm cocoons are Effy’s favorite materials to work with. And all the other pieces labeled with pencil on the wall (and cut wood necklaces and bee/honeycomb ring on the table) are work by young designers that Effy and Betty find and enjoy. One of my all time favorites is the white china plate that she hangs in her kitchen. With perfect disks cut out of it, the resulting necklace hangs next to it.

I couldn’t help but include a shot of the streets and houses around her home… so ‘New England’ .. I felt like a kid in my old neighborhood again.

See some of Effy’s beautiful finished pieces here

























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Here already?

photo from nordstrom.com

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