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I’m pretty disappointed that we couldn’t return to the Hamptons Barn (where my husband and I were married, and where we have frolicked with family and friends in past summers). We had a summer full of work, and Jewish holidays came earlier this year.. making it near impossible to get out there for tomato season (and ya know how I love my tomatoes!) We did however try like h*ll to get out there for some pumpkin picking – although this year was not as warm as Octobers of the past so we really felt like we were harvesting crops before the winter cold comes! Hank’s warm Pumpkin Spice Donuts really hit the spot when it’s cold outside.

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Our barn had a big backyard to frolic in, with benches made of logs and ride-on toys strewn about. The kids loved playing with little animals on the windowsill, and I loved the overgrown ivy on the shuttered window in our loft bedroom. The nights were punctuated with s’more-making sessions and sweet sleepovers under mosquito nets. We will miss summer and the lobster, corn and tomatoes.

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While I don’t yet have shots of the kids frolicking in colorful leaves, rest assured that fall seems to already be upon us. Unlike last year (I remember it being warm, or downright HOT until Halloween last year) we are getting cooler weather and leaves sticking to the car windshield already. Believe it or not, I already got what seems like the flu or a chest cold – that has knocked me out so hard I couldn’t even blog. Or take pictures. Or play with my kids. So I apologize for the slow posting but thankfully there was another mamma on hand with iphone and Instagram (thank you Ina!) She took these cute shots of E and Z and their friends Lea, Mia and Brad romping in cornfields – and one very last romp on the beach – while we went back to the Bridgehampton barn where me and my husband were married. And just as on our wedding day, the waves were huge and rowdy in an oddly soothing way that could lull you to sleep on the beach.

Photos by Ina Seow

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Well just when I was feeling like we could chase foliage and do something very autumnal this weekend – like choosing a fat pumpkin – we found ourselves sweating up a storm at Hank’s Pumpkintown (in Water Mill NY), and had to dash to the beach again. We made another sand tunnel/sand fort (like we do – see here) and flew kites at the shore until the sun went down. Summer lingers on!

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Super mom

Super mom Loren makes super capes for kids to play dress-up (or heroes or good guys or pirates or bad guys or vikings .. the possibilities are endless). Here are some last-grasp-at-summer photos of our Bridgehampton romp for summer 2011. Super mom Loren also let us use their house in Connecticut this past (Labor Day) weekend so – more beautiful photos of kids in nature are soon to come!

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More scenes of summer ..

.. and more reminiscing about Bridgehampton in June. Have a great Labor Day weekend – we will be back soon!

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Last grasp at summer

We usually go to a barn in Bridgehampton (where we were married) every September, when the corn and tomatoes are ripe and sweet. This summer we went a bit early – in June – when everything was lush and green. And strawberries could be picked and eaten for days.

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