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Zoe is ready for the New Year. Are you?
Have a great start to 2012!
(photo by Ezra)

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Even when it’s crowded during holiday break week, this museum is so much fun. I remember it was so much smaller when I was a kid, but now the newer renovated version never feels totally full – since it’s got so much more space. I love that they kept the Hood milk bottle at the entrance after all these years!

the best climb zone ever!playing in a tent

building things with dowels and rubber bands

finding a new skill... on a mannequin

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This is the house where I went every Christmas when I was young. My aunt’s house is very pink, and just as I last left it years ago. We retired to the basement level (another whole kitchen and huge table full of relatives that I haven’t seen in a long time) where ‘Papa’ and the kids ate for hours. I felt like E and Z got a glimpse of my childhood while eating a ton of great Italian food.

The mechanical moving dolls by the fireplace have been a part of Christmas for as long as I can remember!

My dad (aka ‘Papa’) and Ezra, in the downstairs area – where there isn’t as much pink but the holiday cheer was still abundant.

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We were lucky to get an apartment-share right in the neighborhood of Harvard. This allowed us to start Christmas morning with a walk through the campus, before heading over to my aunt’s house. We even got a little snow which made it all seem perfect. My new Chanukah-gift-hat got a few snow flakes on it before we went back indoors. And with her new (another Chanukah gift) backpack, Zoe looked ready for school!


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When I walk Ezra to school and back (10+ blocks each way) I can’t help but notice our diverse neighborhood and all its holiday glory. I thought I’d capture some of it ‘on film’ before it all goes away … all too quickly. Just a little more than a week until the New Year! Where has the time gone?

Enjoy your holiday … may it be bright and warm and full of family and fun.

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On the second night of Chanukah we received this very hip, kid-friendly way of letting little fingers play with the holiday lights! Made of acrylic by DCI and available here on amazon – it has enough glow sticks to last all 8 nights. And I LOVE the packaging with its brilliantly simple instructions, and the menorah’s overall groovy minimalist design!

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Happy Chanukah!

It’s time for making these… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Pass the apple sauce, or sour cream, or caviar, or..

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With construction going on under our bedroom windows, the offer to get back out to the country was near impossible to refuse. And with just a few days to go before Chanukah starts, we decided to relax and take in some fresh (albeit completely freezing) air while our hosts made waffles, stockings and hot chocolate from scratch.

(Thank you again to our hosts for a completely cozy two nights out of the city, and a sneak peek at their beautiful upcoming Christmas.)

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I may have to start a new series of posts – maybe titled ‘Stir Crazy Crafting’ – for this time of year when it’s almost too cold to go outside. I find myself searching my own brain rolodex for easy crafts that I did when I was younger – back when I was a Camp Fire Girl (yep, I just actually admitted to that). Many years ago my mom came up with this idea for around Christmas time (she was one of our troop leaders) – and it suddenly seemed an ideal thing to do one cold weekend morning while the kids were waiting to get ready for a tree-trimming party. You use walnuts in their shells, and have kids paint them all red. We used the safe washable kid paint variety to start. I then put a super shiny coat of red nail polish over it all (you probably don’t want kids to do this) and then I added some green felt ‘leaves’ with a hot glue gun, since regular white glue gets too absorbed by the felt. When all is dry and glue is holding firm (not longer than 40 minutes, during which kids segued into doing their own paintings), I ask the kids again to dot the entire walnut with little black dots, adding the ‘seeds’ to the strawberries. I then stitched some simple black thread through the ‘stem’ so that they could be hung. In the end we had some handmade ornaments to offer up to our party host.

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We’ve been going to our friends’ house in Cornwall for a couple years now, and back when Ezra was too small to say ‘vacation’ he would refer to this amazing place as ‘cation house’. It’s always a relaxing place to be with good friends, food and wine, and where the kids get fresh air until they pass out early for a long, solid night’s sleep. Maybe we will break away from the city this weekend and visit again.
Here are some pretty scenes of one of our favorite places (and have a great weekend):

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